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After such long time~

Hi everyone!
It's been such a long time since I last wrote something here and honestly I was just too lazy.
Actually I don't even know what I want to write right now. *geez*
As you may say a lot changed here. I changed the layout and added a sidebar *finally*. 
Also I've discovered my love for KPop (Korean pop music). I always loved Korea and Japan. I used to listen to some Kpop groups for more than 2 years now I think but I never had such an obession with it. I used to listen to SNSD mostly but now to be honest I don't listen to them that much anymore but I still love the girls. (So much rant, I know) 
Nowadays I use to call myself a VIP (Big Bang), Blackjack (2NE1) & Inspirite (Infinite) though I like a lot more groups aswell. ^.^
Gah, it's 2:30am here and I'm still awake. I wanted to make sure I update my little LJ a bit but seriously I have no idea what to talk about.
Well, I'll leave now ^^'